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We offer a free survey on-line as our first interview.
Please complete the survey form below, providing any information relating to your waste streams. We will use this information to indicate any possible ways that you can improve your recycling and earn money.

XTPACK EUROPE offers and delivers the baling systems and other related equipment thru the network of dealers or integrators of airflow solutions and filter technology. Please kindly contact us for more details.

XTPACK EUROPE is committed to radically reducing trash and waste in our companies, factories and houses to promote the health of people and of the environment. The vision for our balers, compactors, shredders and other related products reaches far beyond the limited horizon of just making a profit. Day in and day out we are striving for a healthy quality of life for present and future generations. We want to help you handle your waste in the most efficient way, we want to optimise your stream of waste tailored to your business and finally we want to minimalize your waste and maximize your profit.
That’s why we put a lot of attention to our sales strategy.


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Please kindly contact us to find out how XTPACK EUROPE can optimize your business by minimizing your waste. It costs nothing. Your complimentary recommendation will be delivered to you by email with 24hours. Your details will not be shared with any third party.